If?you are creating, growing, or relocating a business?in the Central Vermont area, financing and incentive options are available in many forms.

CVEDC?can?assist?you?and your business to?find the?best fit?or combination of?public and private programs and services–and develop a?detailed plan to meet your needs.??Possibilities include:?tax credit assistance,?workforce training assistance,?USDA R-BEG/BOG funding,?and small business loans.

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Financing Resources

1Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation (CVEDC)Lending AgencyCVEDCCVEDC is one of twelve non-profit regional development corporations in the State of Vermont.
2Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA)Lending AgencyVEDAVEDA is Vermont’s economic development finance lender.
3Vermont Small Business Administration (SBA)Lending AgencySBASBA is a government agency that advocates for small businesses and provides counseling and training resoources.
4Vermont Community Loan FundLending AgencyFreshTracks CapitalFreshTracks Capital is an early-stage venture fund for entrepreneur in the fields of software, hardware, telecommunications, media, business information, business systems or biotechnology.
5Community Capital of VermontLending AgencyCommunity Capital of Vermont Community Capital of Vermont business financing for small businesses or lower income entrepreneurs.
6Vermont Employment Growth Incentive (VEGI)Grants & IncentivesVEGIVEGI can provide a cash payment to businesses based on the revenue return generated to the State by prospective job and payroll creation and capital investments.
7Technical Assistance (TA)Grants & IncentivesTA grants for qualifying businesses through the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation through the Agency of Commerce and Community Development.
8Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) and Rural Business Opportunity Grants (RBOG)Grants & IncentivesUSDA
9WET Funds GrantsGrants & IncentivesVermont Department of LaborWET Funds Grants, through CVEDC and the Vermont Department of Labor.
10VT Training Program GrantsGrants & IncentivesVT Training Program Grants, through the Agency of Commerce & Community Development’s Department of Economic Development.